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 100% Grass Fed
Ground Longhorn Burger
Quarters & Halves
HOT DOGS- 100%Longhorn meat
We got the "Longhorn Meat"
 Born and raised at the ranch

The Callans started raising 100% grass fed Texas Longhorns
on over 100 acres of Ohio grasses in 1996. 

We sell Texas Longhorn cattle.
 We sell Burger (by the lb.), quarters & halves. 
All meat is Govt. inspected meat.
We sell Skulls of Texas Longhorns

   Today, selling authentic Texas Longhorns meat for 22 years, we have a high rate of customer satisfaction. Texas Longhorns, like Bison, have "lean genetics",. Longhorns don’t produce excess back fat.  Longhorns have only 1/4 inch back fat (measured at the 13th rib), just right for your steaks, and the meat is tender. Other breeds have up to 1 inch of back fat that's trimmed to 1/4 in. and thrown into your burger. Does your grocer even see their hanging beef? He receives "boxed beef", then cuts it up. 
After butchering, our Longhorn carcass goes into the cooler and "cold aged" for 12 days (your grocer can't say that), when our beef comes out of the cooler it's cut into the popular steaks, roasts and the rest ground for lean burger. Then frozen for your serving convenience. Then it's ready for delivery or pick-up by you.
If no answer, please leave a message.
This is a "working ranch", we may be outside.
Buying farm raised Longhorn meat is environmentally friendly.  
 CCC Longhorns were born on the farm, raised on the farm, loaded at the farm and  transported direct to a govt. inspected processing facility. About 100 miles. Your average store beef has about 3,000 miles on it.  It's been sold, bought & transported several times (The cow/calf guy, backgrounder guy, finisher guy, sale barn guy, beef buyer guy, processor guys, distributor guy, to your store guy).
 Think of the environmental footprint.
We are blessed to have beef in the stores, and it feeds America. YOU have another choice. Calla Cattle Co., TEXAS LONGHORN MEAT

Our Texas Longhorn Meat Cattle have the following average weights:
Quarter hanging weights range 125 to 165 lb
Half hanging weights range  250 to 330 lb
We pay all processing fees.
Grazed, hayed and processed in Ohio

Texas Longhorn "hanging weights" don't have "excessive back fat" like other breeds.
You won't pay for excess fat that was trimmed off (there isn't any excess).
 Longhorn back fat is naturally 1/4 inch. Just right for your steaks.
740-745-3348 for questions or orders.
                                                   Information based on 3.5 oz. serving
Omega 3
Fatty acids

Ground Beef

Lean Ground

Texas Longhorn

Chicken, white


Pork Loin


Top Round

SOURCE: Longhorn Data- USDA, LHTT Heat & Serve Roast Beef 2009. Other Data – USDA, USA Today
11/29/91, Pope Lab Inc., Dallas, TX.
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  Cost of fat in your grocery burger? 
A quick and easy test:
Multiply the FAT % times the price you paid  per your store (easy)

Store 80/20 sale burger is 20% fat times $3.95/ lb. = 79 cents for FAT. UGH!
(store burger has "trim fat" blended back in. Longhorn has no trim fat.)
 CCC TEXAS LONGHORN is 95/5. 5% fat, times $6 = 30 cents. WOW!!
Make your money buy muscle NOT fat.
Do the math!
THINK....... then THINK RIGHT!
Customer Quotes
+ "We ran out of Longhorn meat & tried somebody's xxxxx burger & it just didn't taste as good as Longhorn. We are going to order a half beef this year instead of a quarter." J.V. Dublin, OH
+ "We had Porterhouse last night. I wish we got the other quarter when we had the chance" DR, Johnstown
+ "Wow, the Longhorn meat is really RED". ? Westerville, OH
+ "So much flavor and full of juices! Best I have to admit that I've ever had" RS, Newark, OH
+ "We've enjoyed every ounce of the Quarter we bought earlier, & look forward to reloading our freezer with your terrific product." RH, Pittsburgh, PA
+ "We sometimes do "trades" for other beef that my family eats, but ya know, I think the Longhorn just tastes better for some reason." JM, New Albany, OH
+ "...I wanted to say that so far the meat is fantastic!" RL Delaware OH
+ "You'll love it. It's Sooooooo good" D., Bexley, OH
+ "We noticed your Longhorn meat is redder than the beef we got at T***** J***" M.Y. Col., OH
+ "The Longhorn is lean, like bison, which is very important to me. Longhorn has a little different
flavor than bison, which both are good". T.J., Gahanna, OH
+ "I was impressed with your professionalism and you answered ALL my questions". D.S. Thornville OH
Compare the Color of Lean Longhorn meat to what you buy in the store.
Muscle is red. Fat is white. Mixing the two are shades of ....."less red".
Longhorn Meat is RED muscle

 Order 740-745-3348
Best time to call is... Right now while you're thinking of it.
Hours 9 to 9 ALL days.
This is a ranch, not a New York City high-rise office. 
No answer? Leave a message.
Calls are usually returned within 24 hours (the growing season is busy at the ranch)
Not having a freezer, is NO Excuse

Buy our Longhorn Meat and  you save 30% under "store bought" meat.
Save enough to buy a 5 cubic ft. chest freezer (holds a half beef) for about $220.
Chest freezers are efficient. $20 - $36 electric runs it for a year...WOW!!!

 Order - 740-745-3348 
Our beef is from the farm in OHIO.
Texas Longhorn is NOT Prime, it's PREMIUM

Purchase a Longhorn Skull or GROW YOUR OWN CATTLE
  Authentic Longhorn cattle have a long life span, but don't live forever. We regard some as keepers "forever"... their skulls are finished, cleaned and "wife approved" for wall hangers in a million $$ home. We sell authentic Texas Longhorn skulls. No rope or leather wrapped around the horn base hiding screws, glue and plaster on a Angus or Holstein cow skull. 
"Ya can't get "realler" than that"...
They are great gifts.

Purchase a Live Longhorn for your own small acreage
Ask for a Cattle-log for live Longhorns.

 Texas Longhorns are DROUGHT RESISTANT cattle

Raise your own grass fed table beef. With Ohio's average 36 in. rainfall it takes about 3 acres per Texas Longhorn. If you have a yucky dense wooded area full of weeds, that's FOOD for a Texas Longhorn. Their natural diet is 30% browse (nettles, poison ivy, wild grapevine, tree leaves, burdock, dandelion, lamb-quarters).

Have we been dumbed down by advertising to believe we need a $12,000 fuel burning orange or green tractor/mower/bucket and lawn sweeper to eat up our time, billfold & lawn? Texas Longhorn cattle add fertilizer and replant grass and clover seeds with their hooves.
Com'on put your thinking cap on!

Easy Calving - Proven by Nature, not just data on paper
  Texas Longhorn bulls are known and sought after to breed other breed's first time heifers.
Longhorn calves have smaller heads and narrower shoulders (than other cattle) at birth, giving younger, first calf Mama's easier calving. 
A live Mama, with  live calf is important for your profit line.
Longhorns put the weight on AFTER their born

We're looking forward to serving you.

Grazingly Yours,
  Ed Callan 

Order - 740-745-3348.

Callan Cattle Co remains "operationally" open during all holidays, inclement weather days & power outages to feed, water and check our four legged, haired-up, Texas Longhorn employees. We have a vested interest in their health & well being.